New UMAT web Questions

Added some new questions to Try this one first, fairly easy: umat-Tutor_UMAT_webQ_25_fitsTheMiddle then try a harder one: umat-Tutor_UMAT_webQ_26_fitsTheMiddle

Why is the second one harder?


Welcome to’s blog. umatTutor is here to help you through your struggles against the scary UMAT / HPAT that stands between you and your dreams of a career in medicine.

umatTutor specializes in non-verbal reasoning – the section many students consider to be the hardest – specifically ‘continue-the-series (complete the sequence)’, ‘complete the diagram’ and ‘fits-the-middle (pick the middle)’ and also helps with general non-verbal reasoning skills and other types like analogies, spatial reasoning, code-breakers and the like.