umat123 a Visual Diary

After many student questions and much thought comes a new non-verbal reasoning question book entitled umat123 – ‘a Visual Diary’; a kind of prequel to umat456 if you like – full of visual explanations documenting the thought processes you may go through before discovering the method being used in each question and hence the arrival at a correct answer.

This 120 page book has every question code-hinted for easy reference to the up-dated code-hint section; the code-hints are images significant to the method they represent, helping you to mnemonically recall the method being used, and answer the questions more quickly and in the time allowed. The code hint section is visually explained too with examples for each type.

New to this book and non-verbal reasoning questions in general – I have designed ‘rotation-tables’ to help you with the most commonly used and often trickiest UMAT / HPAT / non-verbal reasoning question method – the rotation.

Each question type is colour coded with reference in the front of the book & the question explanations also utilise colour to help you spot the element’s patterns and the diagrams sequences.

Included in this book are a variety of other non-verbal reasoning questions: Spatial, Raven’s Matrices, Code-breakers, Associations and more allowing for possible changes to the coming year’s UMAT / HPAT and giving you extra non-verbal reasoning skills. Be prepared.

This book may also be used by HPAT students in ireland as the HPAT is equivalent to the UMAT in structure and content.

The UMAT text book UMAT123 “a Visual Diary” has the ISBN 978-0-9870478-1-6

This book will have world-wide release on November 22nd.

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umat456 umat question book

Released by in conjunction with, this UMAT section 3 text book entitled “UMAT456” has been designed by way of worked examples, code hints, practice and time trial tests to help you understand the non-verbal reasoning questions found in the UMAT and to answer them successfully in the time allowed. Question types continue the series, complete the diagram and fit the middle are all covered extensively.

This 232 page text book contains 9 full page worked examples showing you exactly how to break each question down, analyse it and see what’s taking place, all new code-hints and how to use them, two full code-hinted UMAT’s and then ten more full UMAT tests. UMAT456 contains 456 test questions in all, and each question comes with full explanations and not just answers.

For this book and the purposes of training in the various UMAT methods a series of ‘code-hints’ have been developed. The code-hint images are significant to the method they represent and appear in the first two tests to help you establish mnemonically and quickly what type of question you are looking at and recall how to answer them as fast as possible.

Each test contains 38 questions with a time limit of 50 minutes. The tests can be taken with the normal time constraints or at your own pace, depending on your skill level and need.

The book comes complete with an answer sheet. It is recommended that you use a 2b pencil like you would in the exam to get used to test conditions and so you can erase any markings you may have made on the test pages to practice again.

This book may also be used by HPAT students in ireland as the HPAT is equivalent to the UMAT in structure and content.

The “UMAT456” UMAT question book ISBN is 978-0-9870478-0-9

You can purchase umat456 from the umatTutor website.