42Q UMAT test Explanations & Feedback

Hi all umatTutor 42Q practice test takers. The explanations are now up. Make sure go through them all. And by coincicdence (or design?) there are 42 pages of explanations!

screenshot of 42Q umat practice test Q19 explanation

Any further questions please comment on this post, with screenshots, photos drawings anything, and ill clarify by also commenting. This way all students can benefit.

Hope you enjoyed the test (apart form the very hard question 32 – sorry!) and don’t stress too much about how many you got right; just revise the explanations until you understand how to do the question, and how to answer that type of question.


42Q UMAT practice test is live now

Hey all UMAT candidates, the special 42Q Section 3 UMAT practice test is up now. Tested some logins, made sure all images appear, it’s ready to go! Good luck, and make sure you check back on the 15th with the login info you’ve been emailed…

42Q section 3 UMAT test

A umatTutor special – for all students who have bought or buy umat123 or umat456 in the lead up to the 2012 UMAT there will be a free 42Q section 3 practice test available on-line in July with full written and visual explanations. For those students sitting UMAT on July the 25th who would still like to do the 42Q test but havent bought either book, you can purchase the test seperately for $28; it will be on sale from the 23rd of June 2012 up until the day of the UMAT.

umat tutor 42Q section 3 test cover

The test contains 42 Questions, paced like the real UMAT and comes with answers, written explanations and full visual explanations!

Whether you’re having majors issues with section 3, or just need to practice up on your non verbal reasoning UMAT skills – this test is for you.