UMAT Percentile rankings 2007-12

medstudentsonline have an interesting post for all you medicine hopefuls. They have graphs of section and overall scores for the past 6 years percentile ranked to give you an idea of what people are scoring and what you kind of need.

Still determine what Universities you want to get into and what their UMAT requirements are. With this years shakeups, there can’t really be any more section favouritism so how will they change their use of UMAT as an entrance requirement? Make sure you check up. I will post anything I find out here and or on and

Still very useful information, but dont slack off when you see them!

2012 overall scores percentile ranked


2013 UMAT test changes

Well it seems confirmed, ACER have decided to scramble the sections this year. Harder or easier? Think that depends on the student. The pacing will certainly be off, you could spend time going through the test and doing all the section 3 questions together (this is now allowed) but will this waste time or be of benefit? Also without section restrictions, you can answer in any order you want. Good for the scatterbrains and for students to do their best section first (or save it till last). Maybe not so good if you were used to the sections being in order?.

2013-umat-changes-01 image

Main thing as always, don’t panic or stress, just take it in your stride. This is the way it is now. You can do it!