New UMAT web Questions

Added some new questions to Try this one first, fairly easy: umat-Tutor_UMAT_webQ_25_fitsTheMiddle then try a harder one: umat-Tutor_UMAT_webQ_26_fitsTheMiddle

Why is the second one harder?


Any questions regarding the UMAT questions found on umatTutor questions page?

If you are struggling with any of the questions found on the UMAT Tutor Questions page, well this is the place to question them. Post your question and you’ll get a response in a very short space of time. umat-tutor_-_UMAT_webQ_06_fitsTheMiddle

umat456 2012 edition now available

The new 2012 edition of umat456 is available to purchase now. umat456 front cover 42 questions in each test, 11 tests in all (yes a few extra questions in this edition but umat 462 just doesnt sound as catchy), two fully code-hinted tests, worked examples, full explanations for each question, and still the same price – $95; start preparing for the 2013 UMAT.

42Q section 3 UMAT test

A umatTutor special – for all students who have bought or buy umat123 or umat456 in the lead up to the 2012 UMAT there will be a free 42Q section 3 practice test available on-line in July with full written and visual explanations. For those students sitting UMAT on July the 25th who would still like to do the 42Q test but havent bought either book, you can purchase the test seperately for $28; it will be on sale from the 23rd of June 2012 up until the day of the UMAT.

umat tutor 42Q section 3 test cover

The test contains 42 Questions, paced like the real UMAT and comes with answers, written explanations and full visual explanations!

Whether you’re having majors issues with section 3, or just need to practice up on your non verbal reasoning UMAT skills – this test is for you.

problems with umatTutor moveable Q1?

umat tutor_moveable_question_1_screenshot

Been having some difficulties with this question?

As suggested on the umat tutor practice question page, there are some ROTATIONs – and these refer to the smiley-heart border “square cornered U shapes” – but the main sequence is a repeated pattern, down the columns (of which there are 6 not 3) from left to right…

At the top of nearly every UMAT / HPAT test page is the phrase “…most logically and simply…”. This is very important, and should help with any confusion arising when there are only two options left to choose between to complete the diagram.

This is a continue-the-series within a complete-the-diagram question so discover what the repeated series is, then make sure it is completed in its final repeat, with the chosen diagram…

Smiley, smiley, heart, heart, heart… are you smiling now?