2014 UMAT so close!

umat_wordpress_umat-tutorials-screenshotThe 2014 UMAT is just over a month away; how is the study going? Remember not to stress, regular study, and depending on how you study / learn – dont do too much at once. Try and do a few questions at breakfast, morning break, lunch etc. Make sure you pick up on silly mistakes, a not instead of not will often be ignored by the brain the same as ‘what is not likely to happen if Brazil win the next game’ – the brain likes to answer affirmatively and is quick to skim over bold text. Revise the questions you guessed and got right- if its instinct youre on the right track if you have no idea, keep going.

If you’ve been studying for a while and still need help, with ACER, Medentry, umat456 or questions from wherever there is still time to book a umat tutorial. Call (0414156866) or email tutor@umattutor.com to make a time then email me screenshots of the questions you are having trouble and I will prepare for the tutorial.


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